Check out our Famous Bazooka and Babysitter Potato Guns in action.

Each Potato gun took around 5 hours to easily make. Watch and then make your own with our easy to follow potato gun plans!

The Bazooka Potato Cannon

The Babysitter Potato Gun

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  • 007 Spud Cannon Gun Plan007-spud-cannon-gun-plan-3

    Here is your Hand Held Potato Gun. If Bond was to use a Potato gun, this would be the choice! This sleek sexy Spud Gun fits in one hand and will shoot your smaller spuds with great accuracy. Holster the 007 Tator Gun easily in a pocket until it is time to impress the Friends!!!

  • The Babysitter Spud Cannon Planthe-babysitter-spud-cannon-plan3

    Oh watch out! This Babysitter is Not to be messed with! The Babysitter Spud Cannon is very diverse as it is more than capable of launching a Tennis ball, or Vegetable roughly to the Moon. Using this Bad Ass Spud Gun is effortless, as you simply spray then twist a wheel and you are then launching your ammo like the Big Boys! Boom!

  • The Bazooka Potato Cannon Planthe-bazooka-potato-cannon-plan3

    This beast of a Spud Gun is the pinnacle of the Spud Gun series and a Sure Shot. The Bazooka is very diverse as it is more than capable of launching a Tennis ball into the sunset. You also have a steadfast pulsating electronic ignition system that will light your innovative Propane injection system. The Bazooka is set up to effortlessly downsize barrels for your little spuds or balls. The Bazooka is The One! Bam!

  • The Complete Potato Gun Guidethe-complete-potato-gun-guide

    -If you’re a serious spud gun, ball launcher, orange gun, or potato cannon enthusiast

    You do not want to miss out on a great resource that you need to get to complete your knowledge on all things spud gunning. Click here to find out more!

  • The Desert Storm Potato Gun Planthe-desert-storm-potato-gun-plan3

    Is this gun military issued? No it is for civilian use But if the military did shoot spuds then this is what they would be using! The Desert Storm Potato Gun is what you want to shoot if you are looking to hit the Bullseye! Equipped with a push button igniter and very relaxing grips this gun is Sure to be a Favourite! Zing!

  • The Eradicator Potato Cannon Planthe-eradicator-potato-cannon-plan3

    If you want to be the King of the Potato Field you Need the Eradicator Potato Cannon. It is impossible to carry this Spud Gun and not have the locals give you a double take! The Eradicator Spud Gun has a self contained fuel injection system and fuel circulation system, with a pulsating ignition and a barrel over the combustion chamber, this Spud Gun truly is Stacked! Be a Pro and go with The Eradicator Potato Cannon!

  • The Night Crawler Mini Spud Gun Planthe-night-crawler-mini-spud-gun-plan3

    This is an incredibly enjoyable Spud Gun to shoot! This is a smaller gun that still Holds its own to the big boys! This is a Favourite among the Spud Cannon community, and it is easy to carry and will shoot farther then you could believe. Fun Fun Fun!

  • The Punisher Potato Cannon Planthe-punisher-potato-cannon-plan3

    The Punisher is not only pretty to look at it is also a deadly shot in the world of potato Artillery. The Punisher is sporting a smaller diameter barrel so you are able to load your smaller spuds and still make remarkable shots! With a comfortable custom fitting grip system you will want to shoot an entire field of potatoes with The Punisher Potato Gun.

  • The Underdog Spud Gun Planpotato gun

    It is always remarkable when the underdog shocks you and that is Exactly what happens with this Potato Gun. The Underdog will Blow your socks off! Being extremely reliable and simple to build, this Spud Cannon will have you launching the dinner potato farther than you ever thought possible! Man Up and build this ultimate Spud Gun! Pow!