What to Paint With Camouflage Designs

Painting Things Camo – It’s not just for the military anymore!

We sell a variety of camouflage spray stencils that replicate most every popular camouflage pattern out there. These stencils make it easy to paint whatever you want in the camo of your dreams. Patterns available are military camo like woodland camo, ACU, desert camo, urban camo, snow camo, and also hunting camo like realtree camo and mossy oak. So what’s a person to paint with these stencils? The sky’s the limit:


Oh yeah. Got an off-road vehicle that you want to set apart from the rest? It’s one of the things the military uses camo for – painting vehicles. In the US army, HMMWVs are painted in either a desert camo pattern or a woodland camo pattern. You can paint your vehicle like this easily by simply laying down a base color and stenciling the rest to whatever camo you like.

Snow mobiles and quads are another excellent application. Lots of people hunt on quads and snowmobiles – except they usually come in bright, racy colors. Get closer to your prey with a camo paint job. Realtree for a quad, maybe snow camo for a snowmobile.

Boats are also a great choice for camo, and a river or lake boat is a great canvas to do a real cool riverine or navy style camo job. You’ll be the coolest invisible boat in the marina.


Are you kidding me? You aren’t a real shooter unless you’re rocking a camo paint job on your rifle. We’ve all seen the movies. Real snipers have their rifles painted in things like realtree and even desert patterns. It breaks up that big hunk of black in the bush and goes with all your high tech camo clothing.

Your spud gun, ball launcher, or orange cannon is a prime candidate for a camo paint job. Who wants white plastic PVC when you could have digital camo or woodland camo, or some cool hybrid.

Almost Anything

Lots of stuff you bring in the field comes as black plastic – so boring. Thinks like binoculars, knife sheaths, gun cases – you name it – are all ripe for camo patterns to make them look different from everyone else’s store bought look.

Our custom made spray stencil camo kits will have you painting everything in the camo of your choice! Go big or go home!

Top Quality Camouflage Stencils, that you can paint with yourself quickly and easily, check out some awesome Camouflage painting Stencils below: