How to Airbrush Camouflage

Camo Stencils – SprayPainting of Airbrushing Camo Stencils

Whether you use spray paint or an airbrush, your camo stencil paint job will take a little planning and some careful moves. First off, using our camo stencils to paint military or hunting camo pattern are the way to go, and that’s the first step to success. Some people call spray bombing with a couple cans of paint a camouflage paint job, but without our stencils, there’s no way you can recreate patterns like digital camo, multicam, woodland camo, Realtree, and others like it. Those are pattern based camo jobs and require stencils. Here are some tips:

Keep your Distance

After you’ve prepped the surface per our other articles, and you’re ready to paint, you need to get the base coat on. All camo patterns require at least one color to act as the base. You don’t need stencils yet. Whether you use an airbrush or spray can, your tactics are the same. Spray 12-15 inches away – obviously the nozzle on your airbrush will be far superior to anything that comes on a spray can and you’ll be able to adjust the distance. On a spray can job, you get the nozzle that comes with the can, so you have to deal with it and adjust accordingly.

You want to put on even strokes and spray in only one direction. You don’t just hold the trigger or spray nozzle down…that wastes too much paint, puts the paint on too heavy, and produces runs.

Camo Stencils

Once the base coat is on, wait for it to dry. Say that ten times. You will be applying stencils, so you need to make sure the base coat is dry – at least 24 hours for some paints. There are certain considerations when working with stencils you need to follow to ensure success:

Tape. Spend money on the right kind of tape when stenciling. The qualities you’re looking for in stenciling tape are the following: Easily removable and holds a fine edge. Cheap tape isn’t easily removable and will rip off the base coat. Cheap tape often makes a coarse edge. Spend the money to get proper tape such as 3M – these tapes are either blue or green and do a fantastic job of sticking when they need to and lifting when they need to.

Keep the stencil flat: Make sure the stencil is flat to the surface. This is where quality tape really comes in. You’ll need to tape the stencil so that there is no air gap between the stencil and the surface to be painted. If there is an air gap, you’ll wind up getting runs under the stencil and the job will look crappy.

Lastly, keep the camo stencil on only as long as it needs to be to paint! You literally put the stencil on, spray a coat, and then remove it. If you leave the stencil on for any amount of time it will stick, ruin the paint job, and maybe even lift off the last coat.

Buying quality camo stencils like ours will save you a ton of time and headache!

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